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Put very simply, hypnosis is a state of focused attention (what some people call a trance state). All of us have experienced this state spontaneously on our own when we've been completely engrossed in something while being simultaneously aware of our surroundings. It is like our attention swings back and forth between the two like a pendulum, our attention goes where our focus goes. The important thing to note is that we have control over where our attention goes.

Hypnotherapy is when hypnosis is used for therapeutic purposes. The biggest myth is that hypnosis is about mind control, it is *not*, no one can make you do anything you don't want to do. Stage hypnosis is responsible for a lot of myths about hypnosis, causing unnecessary fear in people.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful method of harnessing the enormous power of your subconscious mind, which is where most of our programming and conditioning lies. Think of the tip of the iceberg analogy (your conscious mind), most of the iceberg lies underwater (your subconscious mind). Hypnotherapy can dissolve conditioning and beliefs that are no longer serving you and may be contributing to physical and emotional dis-ease in your life.

I use direct suggestion and regression in hypnotherapy. With direct suggestion, you listen to the customised suggestions that I have made especially for you and choose the ones that feel good, disregarding any suggestions that you do not like. The suggestions will be as open ended as possible, leaving you to fill in your own preferences where appropriate. With regression, you participate more actively, in that I ask you questions during the session to help us find the root cause of any issues that you may be experiencing. The answers are within you, my role is to draw them out. The therapeutic potential of hypnotherapy is almost endless. It can be used for weight loss, smoking, addictions, irritable bowel syndrome, panic attacks and many other issues.

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