Welcome to Energy and Intention, the website of Noreen Barron. Services that I offer are EFT, Counselling & Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. My office is based in Waterford, Ireland and I also do online sessions by Skype or phone sessions.

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emofree.com — Gary Craig's (Founder of EFT) website, free EFT tutorials and more
eftuniverse.com — Information and research on Emotional Freedom Techniques
energypsych.org — Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
goodtherapy.org — Advocates for ethical therapy plus excellent articles
karlamclaren.com — Practical information on the value of all emotions
— Revolutionary information on the true causes of addiction
— Peter Levine's body-oriented approach to healing
traumasoma.com — Robert Scaer on the somatic syndromes of traumatic stress
— Bessel van der Kolk on the impact of trauma
drdansiegel.com — Daniel Siegel's work on interpersonal neurobiology
— Articles on trauma-related dissociation by Onno van der Hart
— Articles on trauma by Ellert Nijenhuis
— Information on what constitutes child abuse and mistreatment
drjohndiamond.com — Integrative psychiatrist who developed the acupuncture emotional system
samaritans.org — A free helpline, call 116123, 24 hours a day
aware.ie — Support and information for depression or bipolar disorder
yourmentalhealth.ie — How to support your and others mental health
shine.ie — Supporting people affected by mental health issues

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