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ServicesMatrix Birth Reimprinting using EFT

I completed a workshop in Matrix Birth Reimprinting (MBR) with its creator Sharon King in October 2010 in Cork, Ireland. MBR uses EFT to help resolve trauma at the time of conception (and before), during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Many of us might assume that the only time trauma can occur is during birth, but it can happen at any stage of pregnancy, birth and afterwards. How a woman is looked after, and respected, or not, as the case may be, has a huge impact on her and her baby. There's a saying that time heals all wounds, but in my experience it doesn't. And the issue of time passing only serves to shame traumatised people even further. The old attitude of 'Are you not over it yet?' is still very prevalent. Unresolved trauma stays in our nervous system for a lifetime, causing havoc, unless we heal it.

There is also growing research about the effects of transgenerational trauma which adds credence to what Carl Jung referred to as the collective unconscious and its effects on society as a whole. Ancestral trauma is also explained by the fascinating field of epigenetics made famous by the likes of cell biologist Bruce Lipton and geneticist Marcus Pembrey who appeared in the BBC horizon documentary The Ghost in Your Genes.

I am passionate about the subject of trauma, and birth trauma in particular has come to mean a lot to me personally as I had my son in 2012 by emergency caesarean. I did everything I could to avoid that, having fought for a homebirth and having secured one at 35 weeks only to then be transferred to obstetric care. Without going into too much detail, the last six weeks of my pregnancy and the birth were extremely traumatic.

What I do know is that birth practices need to change the world over. The Irish health services cannot claim to be practising evidence based medicine by almost completely ignoring, and even ridiculing, the psychological well being of mothers, and therefore their babies. Too many health care providers are flying in the face of best practice and research by abusing, bullying and coercing women. And they get away with it to a large extent. If mothers are stressed, their babies will also be stressed, so the claim that the Irish state is protecting the unborn under the 8th amendment is just ludicrous. The Irish state does not have a good record of protecting children in its care as the continued and permitted abuse of children by the catholic church over many decades demonstrated, to name just one example.

This is why I am in favour of repealing the 8th as it affects all pregnant women, not just those seeking an abortion. Legally, the body of a pregnant woman belongs to the Irish state. That should appall us. Women have no legal right to informed consent or refusal because the HSE changed the so-called consent guidelines for pregnant women in 2013, 30 years after the 8th became law in 1983. If I were cynical, I would say this was a move to reduce the state's financial liability in the event of any claim, not a genuine attempt by the Irish state to protect the unborn, as is evidenced by the way that many children who are born are treated. You can contact AIMSI, The Association for the Improvement of Maternity Services in Ireland, for any help that you might need in regards to these and other matters related to pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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